Getting started

Installing Topoly

Topoly is distributed as a python 3 package. The easiest method of installation is using the pip package manager. Make sure you have a recent version of pip. You can upgrade it by running:

pip3 install --upgrade pip

Now you are ready to install topoly:

pip3 install topoly

Topoly can be installed without administrative privileges in the home folder of a particular user. In that case all files (binaries, documentation, libraries and python modules) will be installed in:


If you choose to install Topoly with administrative privileges than everything will be installed in:


Verifying the installation

The easiest way to check if Topoly is working correctly is to grab our test project from github:

git clone

Next create a python3 virtual environment, activate it and install topoly:

cd topoly_tutorial
python3 -m virtualenv venv
pip install -r requirements.txt

Now you should be ready to run one of the examples: